Spent a great time yesterday at Hobbiton which is where parts of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Trilogies were filmed. It is set on a sheep farm where the farmer had the foresight to keep the set and is now making a packet from it ……. although commercialised it’s well organised with a guide moving us on through “The Shire” finally ending up at The Green Dragon for a complementary drink (who are they kidding? We already paid for it in the entrance fee!) Despite the cynicism, I still thoroughly enjoyed the experience, shamelessly playing the tourist, and would recommend it as a ‘not to miss’ if you visit NZ. Sadly, this is my last night in New Zealand before moving on to Fiji but still have  more posts to put up re. my visit here so watch this space. image image image image image      image   image   image   image   image           imageimage image     image


7 thoughts on “Hobbiton

  1. How gorgeous Linda! I love places like this, were you allowed to go inside or not? Have a very safe journey on to Fiji, which is also a beautiful place ! xxx


  2. Most of the Hobbit houses didn’t open. One or two had the door ajar so you could stand in doorway or sit on a stool and be photographed.


  3. Lovely photos of The Shire – it’s nice that the the set is substantial enough to be left up for tourists to enjoy, and 10 out of 10 for the farmer’s enterprise efforts!


  4. Elaine – in the film the Green Dragon pub was polystyrene etc. but is now built of natural materials – stone, thatch etc. – really authentic “olde worlde” feel – wish there was a pub like that in Cupar!


  5. It looks very magical. Was it very very small and did you have to lie down to photograph it so that it looked big. xx Only joking. You take amazing photos. You look like you are having the time of your life. Maybe you could write a travel book and keep going around the world. Sorry so late in finding you. xxxx


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